Dan Goat and Ram Mesa Pizza Restaurant

the goat

The heart of Goat and Ram beats with the passion of its founders: Dan (the Goat) and his wife Morgan (the Ram).

Their adventure began with a pivotal Christmas gift — an artisanal pizza book from Morgan.

What started as a fun hobby quickly turned into an obsession.

Leaning on his decade of experience in the culinary field, Dan spent 3 years and hundreds of iterations perfecting the crust he wanted people to experience.

Once the dough was finally perfected, he began experimenting on his family and friends. With their stamp of approval and encouragement, they bought a tiny 2 deck wood fired oven, borrowed a toy hauler from Uncle Junk, loaded it up with dough and went for it.

After a couple years of doing pop-up events, the need for a traditional food truck was obvious.  With more pizza came more demand and the space on the truck just wasn’t enough to keep up.

In 2023 they opened a brick and mortar in a shared space concept with their friends at Phantom Fox Brewery. It’s the perfect match – pizza and beer.

Goat and Ram is about working hard, caring hard and enjoying good food with no rules.  So come check out what your friendly neighborhood pizza plug has to offer!

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