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Your Downtown Mesa Pizza Restaurant

At Goat and Ram, our fame comes from two things: our unforgettable crust and our inventive approach to pizza. The menu always includes the beloved classics – like cheese and pep and sausage – but for those craving something different, our specialty pizzas offer a fresh dose of creativity every 2 weeks.

Goat and Ram Mesa Pizza Restaurant

The Goat

The heart of the Goat and Ram restaurant beats with the passion of its founders: Dan (the Goat) and his wife Morgan (the Ram).

Their adventure began with a pivotal Christmas gift — an artisanal pizza book from Morgan.

What started as a fun hobby quickly turned into an obsession.

The Pizza Plug Can Meet You

We understand that some of us don’t travel far out of our bubbles, even though our Downtown Mesa pizza restaurant is dope, we have the food truck still hitting the streets for you. The pizza plug is always making sure you get your fix. 

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